Personal Training
At Quad Fit private fitness club we believe in a personalized training program as unique as you are. Your journey will begin with a 45 minute complimentary session to assess your goals and needs, during this 45 minute private appointment, a Personal Trainer may assess your resting heart rate, blood pressure, body composition, cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility.
The Trainer will provide brief workout recommendation based on your result. Understanding your fitness goals, health history, and physical abilities are just a few factors we take into consideration before implementing a customized program. So what do you have to lose? Whether your goal is to shed some pounds or tone up, Quad Fit Club will give you realistic and comprehensive packages that you can incorporate here at our facility.
for more information and book an appointment for free assessment contact Visit Quad Fit Team

        Persoanl Training Package

One on One - One Month
SessionDiscount Rate %Price for 1 SessionTotal PriceSaving
4 Sessions0%$130$5200
8 Sessions5%$124$992$48
12 Sessions10%$118$1,416$144
16 Sessions15%$111$1,776$304
One on One - Three Month
12 Sessions8%$120$1,440$120
24 Sessions14%$113$2,712$408
36 Sessions21%$104$3,744$936
48 Sessions28%$95$4,560$1,680